Many times we are asked “what are the recommended maintenance schedules for my lawn mower?”

That is a very good question as most people do not perform the recommended maintenance on their lawn mower if any at all. Your mower is no different from an automobile in its maintenance needs and in fact, it works in all sorts of dusty and debris filled environments that can be harmful to its longevity.

There are a few things that require annual maintenance and those are the oil and filter, the air filter and the mower blade. The belts can also be incorporated into this as an inspection item.

Here is what we recommend at Mark The Mechanic:

In West Virginia, our mowing season runs from early April to the end of October.

Hour Usage

That equates to about 28 weeks of mowing. If your yard takes 1 hour to mow, then your mower will be in use for 28 hours. If it takes 2 hours, then it is 56 hours of use. If it takes longer than that, I am glad that I am not mowing your lawn J

Oil and Filter

The oil and filter (if it has one) should be changed every 25 hours. So basically that would equate to once a year. If it is a new mower, it should be changed after the first 5 hours and then return to the once every 25 hours change schedule. This is important to do this first oil change to flush out any small metal particles during the break in period.

Air Filter

The air filter should be changed every other year unless you mow in a very dusty environment. In that case, change it out every year.

Blade Sharpening

At a very minimum, a residential lawn mower should have its blade sharpened once a year. Twice a year is our recommendation.

Commercial lawn mowers should have their blades changed at a minimum of every day if you are mowing 5 days a week. You may find that changing them out twice a day will work better and allow you to cut the lawns quicker and cleaner with less grass clippings on the lawn.

Why is it important to have a sharp blade?

When your lawn mower blade is sharp, it reduces the stress on the engine and the drive belts. It also produces a nice clean cut on the grass blade. A sharp blade cuts the grass blade up multiple times and reduces the amount of grass clippings so you won’t have to rake them up unless the lawn is very high when you cut it.

Inspect your lawn after you mow and look for blades of grass that are jagged or torn at the cut line. If they are jagged or you are seeing browning on the top of the lawn, it is time to get the blade sharpened.  A jagged edge will also promote disease growth in the grass.

Drive and Deck Belts

Belts wear out over time and there are indicators to look, feel, smell and listen for. If you hear them slipping or squealing, they are wearing out. If your mower does not move under power as quickly as it used to or not at all, it could be the drive belt is wore out. Is the mower jerking while under power when moving? The smell of burning rubber is another indicator of a worn out belt.

When you inspect your belts, look for cracks, a shiny appearance on the sides of the belt and check to see if the belt is down below the outer edge of the pulleys. Those are the most common wear signs to look for. You may also see strips missing from a belt.

Cleaning of Your Lawn Mower

Clean the mower of grass clippings, dirt and debris. A dirty mower runs hotter and will damage bearings and linkages. An air compressor works great to blow this debris off your mower deck and engine.

To sum this all up, change your oil once a year, sharpen your blades twice a year and check your belts each time you add fuel to the lawn mower. These small maintenance items will make your lawn mower last longer and work more efficiently.

Mark The Mechanic is your local lawn mower mechanic for the following areas:

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Ashland, Catlettsburg, Cannonsburg, Coalton, Meads and Rockdale KY.

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