Lawn Mower Repair and Maintenance Putnam County WV

Mark The Mechanic is your local lawn mower repair shop that provides service for all of Putnam County WV. With a Certified technician with Briggs and Stratton, Honda and Kohler ratings, Mark The Mechanic can help with all your small engine repair needs.

No matter where you bought your lawn mower or what brand or model, we work on all 4-cycle lawn mower engines and can provide rebuild and tune-up procedures to make sure yours is running its best. With our large lawns and hilly terrain, it takes a toll on today’s air cooled lawn mower engines. They are run hard under demanding conditions and do so for 6 months or more of the year.

Let us check out your lawn mower and give it the service it needs to keep running stronger for longer. You don’t have to deal with a poor running lawn mower when we can get it going once again for you and keep your mower running the way it should.

Give us a call at 304-395-3330 or stop by the shop. We are ready with the right tools, knowledge and training to get the job done right the first time.

Mark The Mechanic is your Putnam County West Virginia lawn mower repair and service shop.


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Lawn Mower Deck and Drive Belt Replacement Hurricane Scott Depot Winfield WV

Mark The Mechanic – 304-395-3330

Did you just break a deck belt and your mower blades will not turn or you are smelling rubber and seeing white smoke? Is your riding lawn mower not driving the way it should or seeming to lose power going up and down the hills in the yard? Does it not want to go into gear or it just sits there when you press on the go pedal or push the hydrostatic lever forward or backward?

Deck and drive belts are very important items that do most of the work in your lawn mower. Without them you would go nowhere and you would not cut a single blade of grass.

At Mark The Mechanic, we have replaced hundreds of deck and drive belts as well as variator belts. We replace them in self-propelled, riding, walk-behind and Zero Turn lawn mowers.

When you are inspecting your belts, look for shiny surfaces or fraying cloth on the outside of the belt. Also see if they are deeply seated in the pulley. This means that the belt is wearing out and needs replaced.

When you need help with your deck or drive belts for your lawn mower in Hurricane, Scott Depot or Winfield WV, call on Mark The Mechanic to help get you back out on the lawn today at 304-395-3330.


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Lawn Mower Carburetor Repair Hurricane WV

Mark The Mechanic – 304-395-3330

Is your lawn mower hard to start or will not start at all? Is the spark plug dry when you remove it? Does your lawn mower run for a few seconds and then quits?

These are all fairly common problems with the carburetor and can be resolved. Mark The Mechanic has repaired and fixed hundreds of lawn mower carburetors and can help get your mower back in operation quickly.

With a special chemical cleaning process, we can restore the expensive carburetors without having to buy a new one. Some lawn mower carburetors are over $300 today and if we can restore yours, it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

With the ethanol in today’s gasoline, carburetors often get plugged up when the gasoline begins to separate into different elements. This will plug up the main jet, the emulsion tube and the idle jet.

Using fuel stabilizer is one thing that will make a big difference in your carburetors life. This prevents the fuel from breaking up into different elements and plugging up those vital ports and orifices.

When you need expert carburetor repair or rebuild, Mark The Mechanic is the shop that can take care of it for you in Hurricane WV.


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Toro Recycler Repair and Service Hurricane Scott Depot WV

Mark The Mechanic 304-395-3330

Do you have a Toro Recycler or a Personal Pace lawn mower that is in need of repair or annual service? Mark The Mechanic is your local shop that will take expert care of your lawn mower and ensure that it works hard for you.

There are thousands of these mowers in existence and they continue to improve them each year. They do have their share of problems such as the gas caps not wanting to seal properly, the engines are hard to start and take many pulls and the drive wheels wear out. They will start to pull less hard because the plastic gear on the drive wheel gets worn down by the metal gear.

We repair all those problems and more such as changing the spring on your Personal Pace so the handle will return back and the belt when it won’t pull itself or replace worn out drive wheels.

All that and tune-ups on the engine as well. If you have an electric starter on your lawn mower and it is not working, let us inspect, diagnose and repair it for you. If you have it, you might as well get some use out of it.

When you need expert service on your Toro Recycler Repair and Service in Hurricane  or Scott Depot WV, call on Mark The Mechanic today!

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Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower Repair Milton WV

Mark The Mechanic is your local Troy-Bilt lawn mower service and repair specialist. From tune-ups to more involved engine repairs, we are here to help with everything from the lawn mower won’t start to it runs and then dies.

There are many problems that can plague your lawn mower and we are here to help you sort out those problems and resolve them. Our lawn mower specialists also repair drive problems and electrical issues that can happen with any engine.

If you need a tune-up to get ready for springtime, we can provide this very critical service and ensure that your Milton Troy-Bilt lawn mower runs longer and stronger.

We can also sharpen blades, change deck and drive belts, troubleshoot electrical issues, replace transmissions, repair tire leaks and fix oil and fuel leaks. PTO clutch issues are something else that we can work on and get those working the way they should. Without the PTO, you won’t be mowing anything at all as that is what engages the mower blades.

For professional service on your Troy-Bilt lawn mower in Milton, Mark The Mechanic is here to help with all your lawn mower repair needs. Give us a call at 304-395-3330 today!

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Toro Lawn Mower Repair Culloden WV

Mark The Mechanic 304-395-3330

The Toro lawn mower is a sturdy brand that will give you years of service provided that you keep it properly maintained and repaired when something breaks down. The critical thing with all lawn mowers is to keep the oil changed in them. Oil breaks down over time and become saturated with dirt and metal shavings from the internal parts of the engine. We are experts at Toro Self-Propelled lawn mowers too.

The other items to ensure that you take care of are the air and fuel filters and change them out regularly. These are part of your repair and maintenance process and should not be skipped.

There will be times when your Toro lawn mower will not start or is hard to start. This situation can be resolved and we can get your lawn mower starting and running well. Nobody likes to fight with a bad running lawn mower and you don’t have to either.

Mark The Mechanic can also sharpen lawn mower blades, change broken control cables and drive belts as well as drive wheels and transmissions. If there are electrical issues, we can repair those too.

Toro makes a great lawn mower and with the proper care, yours will be running great once again.

Call Mark The Mechanic for all your Toro lawn mower repair needs in Culloden WV.

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Hustler Lawn Mower Repair Barboursville WV

Mark The Mechanic – 304-395-3330

At Mark The Mechanic, we appreciate the quality of the Hustler Zero Turn lawn mowers. These very well engineered and built lawn mowers are the best on the market in our opinion. Combine them with a Honda, Kohler or Kawasaki engine and they are a very dependable lawn mower that gives years of service to their owners.

We service quite a few of these mowers each year and can perform engine service as well as work on the chassis and drive system. By having the right tools and training to get the job done and done right the first time, we ensure that your lawn mower will work its best.

If you need a tune-up on your Hustler lawn mower to get it ready for the cutting season, we can help with that as well. Every year you should have the annual maintenance performed and have the mower inspected and catch problems early before they get out of hand. A Zero Turn lawn mower can be damaged easily by letting problems get bigger than they should and damaging other components. This can add up to a large repair bill quick if you do not have the machine fixed in a timely manner.

Bring your Hustler riding or Zero Turn lawn mower to our shop and let us take expert care of it for you.

Mark The Mechanic is your Hustler lawn mower mechanic for Barboursville WV.

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