At Mark The Mechanic, we get asked this question quite frequently. Most of the time it is because the current owner of a lawn mower is having problems with their push, self-propelled or riding lawn mower and want a recommendation for something that is better quality or has the features they need.

My answer is always the same and that is to “Get a Honda lawn mower”. Why Honda? Because they have extremely reliable engines and are well designed overall. Honda pays great attention to details and the quality of the parts that go into their lawn mowers.

Sometimes I hear them say that they can’t find a Honda lawn mower and if they cannot, I recommend to them that they buy a lawn mower with a Honda engine on it. It may be made by Husqvarna, Troy-Bilt or Toro etc., but as long as the engine is a Honda, that will make it a much more reliable machine. Honda Self-Propelled lawn mowers are the best.

Even the larger mowers such as the Zero Turns or larger lawn and garden tractors should have a Honda engine in them. For Zero Turn lawn mowers, Mark The Mechanic recommends the Hustler brand with a Honda engine in it. Hustler Zero Turns are built tough and combined with a good Honda engine, they really make a great combination that will keep on running for years.

It is important which brand of lawn mower you choose because a poor grade lawn mower will only result in poor performance and a lawn mower that will not last very long. You will pay a little more for the Honda, but it is worth every penny in the long run.





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