Mark The Mechanic – 304-395-3330

Did you just break a deck belt and your mower blades will not turn or you are smelling rubber and seeing white smoke? Is your riding lawn mower not driving the way it should or seeming to lose power going up and down the hills in the yard? Does it not want to go into gear or it just sits there when you press on the go pedal or push the hydrostatic lever forward or backward?

Deck and drive belts are very important items that do most of the work in your lawn mower. Without them you would go nowhere and you would not cut a single blade of grass.

At Mark The Mechanic, we have replaced hundreds of deck and drive belts as well as variator belts. We replace them in self-propelled, riding, walk-behind and Zero Turn lawn mowers.

When you are inspecting your belts, look for shiny surfaces or fraying cloth on the outside of the belt. Also see if they are deeply seated in the pulley. This means that the belt is wearing out and needs replaced.

When you need help with your deck or drive belts for your lawn mower in Hurricane, Scott Depot or Winfield WV, call on Mark The Mechanic to help get you back out on the lawn today at 304-395-3330.



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