Mark The Mechanic – 304-395-3330

Is your lawn mower hard to start or will not start at all? Is the spark plug dry when you remove it? Does your lawn mower run for a few seconds and then quits?

These are all fairly common problems with the carburetor and can be resolved. Mark The Mechanic has repaired and fixed hundreds of lawn mower carburetors and can help get your mower back in operation quickly.

With a special chemical cleaning process, we can restore the expensive carburetors without having to buy a new one. Some lawn mower carburetors are over $300 today and if we can restore yours, it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

With the ethanol in today’s gasoline, carburetors often get plugged up when the gasoline begins to separate into different elements. This will plug up the main jet, the emulsion tube and the idle jet.

Using fuel stabilizer is one thing that will make a big difference in your carburetors life. This prevents the fuel from breaking up into different elements and plugging up those vital ports and orifices.

When you need expert carburetor repair or rebuild, Mark The Mechanic is the shop that can take care of it for you in Hurricane WV.



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