Mark The Mechanic 304-395-3330

Do you have a Toro Recycler or a Personal Pace lawn mower that is in need of repair or annual service? Mark The Mechanic is your local shop that will take expert care of your lawn mower and ensure that it works hard for you.

There are thousands of these mowers in existence and they continue to improve them each year. They do have their share of problems such as the gas caps not wanting to seal properly, the engines are hard to start and take many pulls and the drive wheels wear out. They will start to pull less hard because the plastic gear on the drive wheel gets worn down by the metal gear.

We repair all those problems and more such as changing the spring on your Personal Pace so the handle will return back and the belt when it won’t pull itself or replace worn out drive wheels.

All that and tune-ups on the engine as well. If you have an electric starter on your lawn mower and it is not working, let us inspect, diagnose and repair it for you. If you have it, you might as well get some use out of it.

When you need expert service on your Toro Recycler Repair and Service in Hurricane  or Scott Depot WV, call on Mark The Mechanic today!


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