Mark The Mechanic 304-395-3330

The Toro lawn mower is a sturdy brand that will give you years of service provided that you keep it properly maintained and repaired when something breaks down. The critical thing with all lawn mowers is to keep the oil changed in them. Oil breaks down over time and become saturated with dirt and metal shavings from the internal parts of the engine. We are experts at Toro Self-Propelled lawn mowers too.

The other items to ensure that you take care of are the air and fuel filters and change them out regularly. These are part of your repair and maintenance process and should not be skipped.

There will be times when your Toro lawn mower will not start or is hard to start. This situation can be resolved and we can get your lawn mower starting and running well. Nobody likes to fight with a bad running lawn mower and you don’t have to either.

Mark The Mechanic can also sharpen lawn mower blades, change broken control cables and drive belts as well as drive wheels and transmissions. If there are electrical issues, we can repair those too.

Toro makes a great lawn mower and with the proper care, yours will be running great once again.

Call Mark The Mechanic for all your Toro lawn mower repair needs in Culloden WV.


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