Mark The Mechanic is your locally owned lawn mower repair shop in Teays Valley. We also sell used lawn mowers when they are in stock. Our shop services all types of lawn mowers from simple push mowers to the complex Zero Turn mowers.

No matter what the problem you are experiencing, we can take care of it from electrical, fuel, transmission and drive, to tires and wheels, steering, brakes, deck and PTO systems.

The lawn mower of today has developed into a complex machine with many safety features and safety switches. Sure, the basics are still the same, but with the EPA mandated emissions systems and the safety systems involved, they have reached a new level of complexity that we have never seen.

These days without the expertise and tools to property troubleshoot and service these lawn mowers, you are quite literally left in the dark. That is where Mark The Mechanic comes in. We will quickly inspect, diagnose, troubleshoot and repair your lawn mower for you. If it is not economical to repair, we may have one to sell you that will be perfect for your lawn care needs.

Call Mark The Mechanic for Lawn Mower Sales and Service Teays Valley WV – 304-395-3330









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