When it is time to get your lawn mower running right again, it’s time to call Mark The Mechanic. We are here to help with all your lawn mower repair needs in Cabell County WV. Whether you are experiencing something simple to the most complex issues, we are here to help.

At Mark The Mechanic, we commonly see problems with carburetors, ignition systems, fuel systems, deck and drive train and wheels and tires. Broken belts, worn out pulleys and other parts are par for the course in a lawn mower repair shop.  Steering problems also occur from time to time. Most problems are that the lawn mower will not start or will start but won’t run. If it doesn’t start, you don’t get much mowing done for sure.

We can resolve all your lawn mower problems and are here to help. Bring your mower to our shop or arrange for a pickup of your riding, walk-behind, Zero Turn or other mower. You don’t have to search the world over for a lawn mower repair shop that is certified in all the major engine manufacturers such as Briggs & Stratton, Honda and Kohler.

For excellent Lawn Mower Service Cabell County WV – 304-395-3330


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