Mark The Mechanic repairs, services and maintain all types of gas-powered rescue equipment. From power units for the Jaw of Life, portable generators, portable lights, portable ventilation fans, marine fire fighting systems, fire rescue saws and more.

As you well know, the time to find out your rescue tool is not working is when you need it the most. Your tool needs to start on time every time and with our intensive inspection, diagnostic, troubleshooting and repair services, it will.

Coming from an Air Force Search and Rescue background as a helicopter and aircraft mechanic, Mark The Mechanic understands the need for life saving equipment that works and works well. There is no second change to save someone’s life.

We have worked on a variety of gas-powered rescue tools in our shop such as the Jaws of Life power units, crash saws, cutoff saws and portable generators. Power is everything for a day or night rescue.

Common problems we see are no-starts, it will start but won’t run or it surges. Fuel and oil leaks are another problem that we see occasionally.

When your Fire Department Needs Rescue Tool Repair and Service WV, call Mark The Mechanic 304-395-3330


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