If your drive system is not working correctly, it could be a problem with the hydrostatic system. In a nutshell, a hydrostatic system uses a belt that drives a pulley connected to a pump. This pump then either drives a wheel motor or directly drives the transmission when the forward or reverse lever is actuated.

The hydrostatic system works hard to deliver the power to the drive wheels and it generally requires very little maintenance. But it does require that the fluid and filters be changed at certain hours to ensure that it works well under all conditions. We are Hydro-Gear Certified and also work on Eaton and other brands. Hydrostats are basically the same in the way they function and just have certain differences in the parts they use.

Hydrostatic transmissions can experience slow drive speeds, erratic operation, jerky driving, one side turns slower than the other or not at all and other symptoms. They can also leak fluids and have broken belts and worn pulleys.

If your lawn mower hydrostatic transmission needs repair in WV, call Mark The mechanic today at 304-395-3330.


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