When the power goes out, your generator is a very important machine to have. If it doesn’t run, that creates a whole new problem for you to deal with at the worst possible time.

At Mark The Mechanic, we are your local generator repair and service experts. We fix or repair all makes, models and brands of portable electric generators and it doesn’t matter where you bought it.

When you bring in your generator, we inspect, diagnose, repair and test it to ensure it provides the electrical power it should. Generators have specific settings that they must be adjusted to and we will ensure that the machine is set to those specifications.

Most of the time a generator comes into our shop, it won’t start, will surge up and down or will run and then die. These common problems are something that we have seen many times and have a lot of experience with them. We can also provide all your preventive maintenance needs such as oil changes, air and fuel filter changes, tune-ups, carburetor cleaning and electrical troubleshooting.

No matter what problem you are experiencing with your generator in Cross Lanes WV, call Mark The Mechanic and we will take expert care of it for you.



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