Is your Onan generator in need of repair because it won’t run right or will not start? Most generator problems fall into those two categories. We rarely see a generator that will not produce power, but when they do, we can solve that problem as well.

When your generator needs a repair shop, call on Mark The Mechanic and let us sort out those problems for you. We have the tools, training and equipment to resolve your generator problems.

An Onan generator is a hard-working machine. It starts up and runs full speed the entire time it is working. This is hard on an engine to go from a cold state to wide open range. But your generator is designed to handle these two loads and continue to function as it should.

Mark The Mechanic is your local Onan generator repair shop and is based in Teays Valley in Hurricane WV. Bring your generator to our shop and let us inspect, diagnose, repair and test your generator to ensure that it is working as it should.

Call us for all your Onan Generator Repair Shops Needs in WV.


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