When we have power outages here in Charleston, WV, they can be very brief or very long and can last for weeks. When we had the Duratio storm, the power was out for weeks in many areas and the loss was substantial. Whole freezers and refrigerators had to be thrown out because of the contents was spoiled.

When your generator goes doesn’t run the way it should or will not start at all, give Mark The Mechanic a call. We will inspect, diagnose, repair and test your generator to make sure it runs well and produces good power. When you need your generator the most is when you don’t want it not to work. Either a storm has gone through or someone has hit a telephone pole in your area.

Mark The Mechanic works on all major brands of portable power generators. From very small 1,000 Watt generators to ones that produce over 10,000 Watts, we have worked on a wide variety of all makes and models. It doesn’t matter where you bought it, we can work on it for you. We are Charleston WV generator specialists.

When your generator will not start, is hard to start or has other problems in Charleston, WV, call Mark The Mechanic today!






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