When you need expert help with your Generac generator, Mark The Mechanic is your local service provider that can help. Your generator will be professionally inspected, diagnosed, repaired and tested in a quick and efficient manner. A generator is a hard-working machine and when it runs, it runs at full throttle all of its life.

This constant running at full throttle is hard on an engine. It must start from zero rpm and quickly go to 3,600 rpm within a minute or so. A cold engine with cold oil has to make this transformation without flying to pieces.

The Generac generator is well suited to this task because it is built very ruggedly and will handle the loads it was designed for. Generators are very unique machines and they perform a very important task and that is providing a good sustainable source of power.

With such an important machine, it is equally important to provide the preventive maintenance for your generator. Items such as an oil change, fuel and air filter changes as well as the spark plug are all things that must be changed. If the carburetor requires cleaning, this is something that should be done as well.

Call Mark The Mechanic for all your Generac generator repair within Saint Albans WV.


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