Springtime is the time to get that garden going and growing organic food that is healthy for you and your family. There is nothing like homegrown food and the pride that comes from growing a great garden.

Getting that garden ready requires a sturdy tiller and when that tiller is not running, it can put your garden off schedule. The garden tiller is rarely used and because of that, they often have problems running. It may be a fuel problem or an electrical issue.

In many cases we get them in the shop and the carburetor is damaged by the ethanol in our fuel. Ethanol is a government mandated fuel additive which is really alcohol. The alcohol attracts water. This water is absorbed into the fuel and enters the carburetor. When it sits inside the carburetor, it corrodes the metal inside of it and plugs up the carburetor.

No matter what the problem is, Mark The Mechanic can take expert care of your garden tiller for you. We want it to run well all year-long so you can achieve that perfect garden you desire.

Call Mark The Mechanic today for all your Garden Tiller Repair in St. Albans WV –304-395-3330.





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