It’s won’t be long before the Robins will be hunting for worms in the lawn and you will begin thinking about getting your lawn mower ready for another busy year!

The best time to check out your lawn mower is in February or March. When you find a problem and need it repaired, you will likely find the repair shop is not extremely busy like they are in April.

There are certain things that need to be done to ensure you have a trouble-free lawn mowing season.

First, clean your lawn mower of dirt, debris and any oil leaks.

Next, start the lawn mower and let it warm up for 10 minutes. After the warm up, drain the engine oil and remove the oil filter after the oil has drained. Install a new oil filter and then install the drain plug and add engine oil. Make sure you put in the correct type of oil that is required for your specific engine.

Moving on, you want to check the air filter. If it is dirty, change it out. Check around the blower housing and engine cylinder head for grass and debris and blow this area out with compressed air.

Check all your belts and control cables to ensure they are not fraying or breaking. Cables can become stiff inside their outer sheaths and may rust and snap.

Now comes the hard part, sharpening the lawn mower blade. This is a safety item in a couple of ways. You must remove the spark plug boot before turning the blade to prevent the engine from firing while you are in the blade area. Next you must have a way to secure the blade while you remove and reinstall it. After you sharpen the blade, it must be torqued to the proper specification to ensure that it does not come loose.

After you put the blade back on, it is time to fire it up and test the drive system. If it is a self-propelled lawn mower, that is simply pulling the drive bail to make it move. It should pull the mower forward firmly and not be lagging or grabbing. Pull the PTO switch to turn on the blades to ensure they are working properly and not making any unusual noise or vibration.

If you have inflatable tires, bring them up to the proper air pressures. For most riders it is 13 psi in the front and 10 psi in the rear. Zero Turn lawn mowers vary according to the preference of the operator and the owner’s manual.

Check your tires and wheels for any damage and repair or replace as necessary.

We save the messy part for last. It is time to grease the machine. In your owner’s manual, it should tell you where all your grease fittings are. Lubricate each one and you are complete with this task.

There are quite a few items that need to be accomplished when you are getting your lawn mower ready in the spring, so do this job thoroughly and you will be rewarded with few problems all year-long.

Don’t feel like doing all of this work or you don’t have the tools or space to do so? No worries, Mark The Mechanic is your local lawn mower repair shop in Hurricane, WV that can do the job for you. Give us a call and we would be happy to take care of your spring tune-up!

Mark The Mechanic

305 Church Camp Road

Hurricane, WV 25526







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