Many people have the mechanical skills to repair small engines, where they struggle is on the business side of things. Knowing how to repair small engines is very important of course, but knowing how to make money repairing them is quite another.

This is why I decided to write a book about this very subject as there was nothing on the market to help out small engine repair shops. My book will take you through all the stages from setting up your business initially to marketing, sales, inventory, where to find suppliers, what to work on and what not to and developing your business.

It all seems easy for the beginner, but they soon find out that there is more to running a business than just buying some business cards and hanging out your shingle. You must have a good system of operating your small engine repair business to be a successful.

I owned and operated a large franchise corporation and have transferred that knowledge into this book to help you start and make money in the small engine repair business.

Knowledge is power and the more you know about your business and how to run it, the more successful you will be.

Click on this link to buy your copy now: How to Start and Make Money in a Small Engine Repair Business





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