Mark The Mechanic is your only local small engine repair shop in Hurricane WV. Our shop works on all types of small engines and all brands. With certifications from the largest small engine manufacturers such as Briggs and Stratton, Honda and Kohler, we can take expert care of you.

Our shop repairs lawn mowers, generators, trenchers, stump grinders, riding lawn mowers, zero turn lawn mower, trash and water pumps and more. If it has an engine on it, we can repair it. Just bring it to the shop or arrange for us to come and pick it up. We will take care of the rest.

Small engine repair is our specialty in Hurricane WV. Our most popular items we repair are lawn mowers and generators. Most residents in West Virginia have one or the other or both of these machines. The lawn mower of course being the most important to keeping your properly looking its best and the generator for a great source of backup power.

We provide preventive maintenance services for your small engines such as tune-ups, oil changes, fuel and air filter changes, spark plug replacement and more.

When you need Small Engine Repair, Hurricane WV, call us at 304-395-3330.



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