Mark The Mechanic is your one stop shop for lawn mower replacement engines. Our main product lines are Honda, Briggs and Stratton, Kohler and Subaru, but we have access to Kawasaki, Onan and Tecumseh mower engines.

When your engine needs to be replaced, our shop can do it in-house and remove and replace your old engine with a new one. We repower old lawn mowers when they require it and it gives your lawn mower new life. Most of the time the chassis and drive system in a lawn mower is fine and it is the engine that gives out, so repowering makes good economic sense.

If you want to do the repower yourself, we can order the engine for you and you can install it however you like into your lawn mower.

Other options include what is called a short block assembly. What this includes is the cylinder block with all the internal parts installed and all you do is bolt on your accessories such as the carburetor, exhaust, air cleaner etc.

Whatever you decide, you do have options for installing a new replacement engine on your lawn mower in WV.




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