Mark The Mechanic is your local lawn mower repair shop located right here in Hurricane, WV. Lawn mowers are our specialty and we repair hundreds of them each year. From push mowers to the largest Zero Turn lawn mowers, we can repair them all.

There are many of our clients that have riding lawn mowers as the lawns in Hurricane can be quite large. A riding lawn mower greatly reduces the time you spend mowing your lawn and you can use that time better spent on other things.

When your lawn mower will not start, is hard to start, runs rough or has other issues that need addressed, call us at 304-395-3330 and let us take expert care of it for you. We will inspect, diagnose, repair and test your lawn mower to ensure that it is doing exactly what it should be doing. A lawn mower has a tough job to do and is subject to a very dirty environment. This dirt enters the engine through the air filter, oil dipstick tube and any bad seal on the carburetor or crankshaft. By doing a proper diagnosis, we can determine the problem and resolve it.

Mark The Mechanic is your local Lawn Mower Repair Shop in Hurricane, WV – 304-395-3330.


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