Mark The Mechanic is your local small engine repair shop for Winfield WV and surrounding areas. We service a lot of clients in the Winfield area and are happy to help you with your needs.

Our small engine repair shop works on lawn mowers, generators, tillers, trash pumps, water pumps, chippers, shredders, stump grinders, augers, leaf vacuums and more.

All we do is small engine repair and we love it! We get a lot of satisfaction taking a machine that is not working and breathing new life into it. If the parts are available, we can fix practically anything. We even have clients bring in vintage machines for us to get running again. They may have belonged to a father or grandfather that is no longer with us and they just want to see it running again. These are called sentimental machines at our shop. They hold a special place in the hearts of their owners.

No matter what small engine repair you have, we can take expert care of it for you. We primarily focus on 4-cycle engines by do work on some 2-cycles.

When you need expert Small Engine Repair in Winfield WV Area, call Mark The Mechanic at 304-395-3330.





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