Lawn mowers are our specialty at Mark The Mechanic. We repair them by the hundreds each year and would be happy to assist with your lawn mower. We work on all brands and models of lawn mowers. It doesn’t have to be a certain color or make to come into our shop. It doesn’t matter where you bought it either as we repair mowers from all the local dealers.

At Mark The Mechanic, we take pride in fixing and repairing lawn mowers in Winfield. A lawn mower is a hard-working piece of air-cooled equipment. Some are water-cooled but most of today’s mowers are still air-cooled engines. This makes the maintenance of these mowers more important. If grass, dirt or other debris builds up on them, it can create problems such as overheating and can hide oil and fuel leaks.

These problems left unnoticed can create major problems such as overheated cylinder heads and blown head gaskets. So as you can see, keeping your lawn mower clean is important to its longevity. With simple preventive maintenance and cleaning, you will get a lot of years from it.

For all your Lawn Mower Repair in Winfield WV , call Mark The Mechanic at 304-395-3330.






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