The Honda lawn mower is really a great machine. It’s excellent craftsmanship is synonymous with the quality that the Japanese put into all their products. You could not have spent your money on a better quality lawn mower in our opinion.

When things go wrong with your mower, it usually is something minor. Most Honda lawn mowers come into us for a tune-up or a no start problem. We have never seen a Honda lawn mower fail yet that did not have a lack of maintenance issue.

Maintenance is very important for any lawn mower and Honda is no exception. Preventive maintenance is something that must be done and part of that is sharpening your lawn mower blade so you will have a nice clean-cut lawn and put less stress on the motor.

Mark The Mechanic can take care of all your oil changes, air and fuel filter changes, drive train problems, carburetor problems, spark plug changes, drive belt problems, control cable problems and more.

When you need Honda Lawn Mower Repair Service in WV, call Mark The Mechanic at 304-395-3330.





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