When the big storm is coming, it is a bad time to find out your snow blower is broke down. When you need it most to work, bring it to Mark The Mechanic and let us take expert care of it for you. Whether it is a broken belt of the friction drive or it just won’t start, we can inspect, diagnose, repair and test it for you.

The snow blower is a very handy piece of outdoor power equipment and when we have a deep snow, it is great to have one instead of shoveling out the drive and sidewalk.

For you to get the most out of your snow blower in Scott Depot, WV, you need to have preventive maintenance performed annually. Things like oil changes, fuel filter change, belts checked and changed if necessary etc,. This preventive maintenance will save you valuable down time when you need it the most. When that big snow storm is bearing down on us.

If you cannot get your machine here, we can pick it up for you, repair it and deliver it back to your home or business.

When you need Snow Blower Repair in Scott Depot WV, call Mark The Mechanic at 304-395-3330.




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