Are you looking for a great small engine shop to take expert care of your small engine repair needs in Charleston WV?

Mark The Mechanic is just a short drive away from Charleston WV and we repair all makes and models of small engines. From small 4 cycle lawn mowers to the largest riding lawn mowers and everything in between.

The most common small engines we work on are in lawn mowers, generators, pressure washers, garden tillers, water and trash pumps and leaf vacuums. Those are the most used pieces of outdoor power equipment in our state and you probably have more than one of these.

In many cases your engine will not start, it is hard to start or runs rough. Maybe the starter is not working or it has a drive train issue. Or maybe you just need a thorough preventive maintenance job performed on it. We can do all of the above and repair whatever problem you are experiencing. Our shop is well equipped to handle the toughest repairs and stock the common parts to do the job.

When you need Small Engine Repair in Charleston, WV Call 304-395-3330.





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