The stump grinder is a heavy-duty machine that gets a lot of abuse. The constant banging and grinding motion is hard on the moving parts and the dust that is created is hard on the engine as well.

With all that grinding on wood and in the dirt, these substances make for great polishing compounds that wear out bearing surfaces, chain links and engine parts. Dust will get through air filters and enter the intake tract where it will polish away at the engine cylinder.

Preventive maintenance on stump grinders is more important that on most machines because of the environment they operate in. The hydraulic system as well as the rest of the machine must have its tune-ups done regularly if you want to continue to have trouble-free operation.

When your stump grinder is not working properly, give Mark The Mechanic a call at 304-395-3330 and let us take expert care of it for you. We will inspect, diagnose, repair and test the machine to ensure it does what it is supposed to do. We do ask that you pressure wash the machine before you bring it to the shop so we can expedite the repairs. A machine that is covered in mud and sawdust takes longer to work on and increases the repair costs.

Call Mark The Mechanic for all your Stump Grinder Repair Needs in Hurricane WV  at 304-395-3330.





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