In times of flood or just pumping out an old pond, water and trash pumps are great at moving large quantities of water. From small 2 inch to large 6 inch or bigger, these pumps are used in the coal mines, by Fire Departments, reclamation companies and many more government agencies.

When your water pump will not start or has other problems, bring it to Mark The Mechanic and let us take expert care of it. These pumps sit for long periods of time and can become froze up or their fuel turns to jelly as it phase separates. We will inspect, diagnose, repair and test your machine to be sure it runs like it should and pumps water. Just bring a set of short hoses when you bring your water or trash pump so we may perform the test. If you don’t have any available, that is not a problem either.

With the flooding that Charleston WV receives, a water or trash pump is important to have and keep running well. It is a bad time to find out that your pump will not start when the flood is in full force.

Mark The Mechanic is your local Trash and Water Pump Repair Service for Charleston WV – 304-395-3330.




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