Mark The Mechanic is your local portable generator repair professional serving all of Kanawha County WV and surrounding communities.

We can repair any generator no matter what brand or where you bought it. With our frequent power outages, a generator is a very important item of Outdoor Power Equipment to have. Without a generator, you could end up losing everything in your refrigerator and freezer and even more serious, you may have to throw them both away!

When your generator is not starting or running rough, bring it to our shop or let us pick it up for you. We will inspect, diagnose and repair it and can normally perform the repairs quickly.

Winter brings many high wind storms and icy roads that can cause someone to hit a pole and knock out power. Your heat will go out and then you have a serious problem that without a generator, you will either have to find a hotel with power or have an alternate source of heat.

With a properly running generator, you will just fire it up, plug it into what you need to power and get on with other things you need to deal with.

When you need professional Generator Repair in Kanawha County WV, call Mark The Mechanic at 304-395-3330.





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