How is your John Deere riding lawn mower working? Is it running the way it should or is it giving you problems? Problems do happen with your lawn mower but with the right maintenance program in place, they will happen less often.

The riding lawn mower works in a very dirty and dusty environment. All this dirt and dust lands on the mower and enters the air filter and into the oil system when you refill with new oil. It also collects on the linkages and mower deck. Dirt and dust act like tiny scouring pads sanding away at the surfaces they collect on. This abrasive action wears the metal away and creates too large of a gap between them. This gap causes the metal to slam against themselves instead of riding on a lubricated surface.

You may just need a tune-up or minor maintenance of your mower. We can also perform oil changes, blade sharpening, air filter and oil filter changes as well as other work such as electrical problems.

No matter what problem you are having, you don’t need to take your John Deere riding lawn mower to the dealer where you will wait in line to have it fixed. You can bring it to a local expert that can repair it quickly and accurately.

Call Mark The Mechanic for all your John Deere Riding Lawn Mower Repair Needs in Hurricane WV –304-395-3330.


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