When your Toro lawn mower breaks down, you need a great service center to take it to and have it repaired as quickly as possible. Your lawn will continue to grow and having your mower in a lawn mower repair shop for weeks doesn’t help you keep that lawn looking its best.

At Mark The Mechanic, we will inspect, diagnose and repair your Toro lawn mower quickly. With one of the most high tech shops in the area, we have the tools, training and experience to resolve your engine, transmission, drive system, control cables and other problems.

If you need your Toro lawn mower serviced in Hurricane, WV, call Mark The Mechanic at 304-395-3330 and let us take expert care of it. We understand that you don’t want your mower in the shop for weeks and will out best to turn it around quickly and return it to you.

Don’t have a way to get it to the shop? No problem, we provide pickup and return services. Whether it is a rider, self-propelled or push mower, we can arrange to take care of that for you.

When you need help with your Toro lawn mower repair needs in Hurricane, WV, call Mark The Mechanic today!





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