It’s that time of year again to winterize your lawn mower and get it ready for the long term winter storage.

Clean the lawn mower

The first thing you want to do is clean the entire lawn mower. I like to use a leaf blower or air compressor to blow off the grass, dirt and dust. Next, pull the spark plug wire off and raise the mower to get under the deck. If you have a push mower, raise the carburetor side up and then scrape the bottom of the deck. After you clean it, spray it with high pressure water to remove the rest of the debris. Allow it to dry and then spray with WD-40 or other rust preventer.

Change the engine oil

Run the engine for 5 minutes and then shut it down. Now change the oil and filter and run the engine again for a few minutes to circulate the new oil in the engine. You can do this after you treat the engine in the next step.

Treat the gasoline

Whether you are using Ethanol free gasoline or not, you should still treat the fuel in your gas tank. Use a good quality fuel stabilizer and add the correct amount to the tank. Next, run the machine for 5 minutes to allow the fuel stabilizer to enter the carburetor.

Sharpen the blades

Pull the spark plug wire again and remove the lawn mower blade and either replace or sharpen it. Be sure when installing it that you torque the bolts to the proper torque per the manufacturers requirements.

Fill the tires

If you have a riding mower, fill the tires to the proper amount so they will not go flat over the winter and create a flat spot on the tire.

Check the overall condition of the lawn mower

Look at the control cables, drive system, deck and drive belts, transmission, belts and pulley for damage, wear, leaks and maladjustment.

Store the lawn mower

When storing your lawn mower, put it in an area that rodents will not move into it. Also consider the location that will be free from damage such as a car hitting it while pulling in the garage. Watch for any leaks that develop over the winter months such as oil, gas or transmission fluid and if they do, have those addressed as soon as possible.

When you have completed these essential steps, your lawn mower will be ready to start next year and give you great service.

If you need your lawn mower prepared for storage or winterized in Hurricane, Scott Depot, Teays Valley or other city in WV, contact Mark The Mechanic at 304-395-3330 today!


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