In today’s world, power is everything. When the power goes out and your generator will not start, it is too late to enjoy the power it could have provided for you. Sometimes you need a generator for your job site and it won’t start or runs poorly when you need it the most.

When your generator is acting up, Mark The Mechanic is your local repair and service shop that can help resolve those issues. We are specialists in repairing generators and inverters. In many cases it is a carburetor problem or an oil system electrical issue and these problems can be solved in our shop.

One of the important things we ask our clients to do is to start their generators regularly at least once a month. This will help catch problems early so you can avoid having a generator that will not start. It will also keep the internals oiled and the piston rings sealed. You might think that a machine that just sits there does not wear out but that is not true. Rodents can get inside them and chew wiring, rust takes over and corrodes metal and wires, untreated fuel breaks down and gums up carburetors.

Another thing to consider is having your generator serviced a couple times a year or at least yearly. The oil still needs to be changed as well as the filter.

When you need professional generator service in Fraziers Bottom Eleanor Winfield WV, call on Mark The Mechanic at 304-395-3330 today!


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