Today’s ethanol mixed fuels are hard on carburetors. Why? Because ethanol is a form of alcohol and alcohol attracts water. It will absorb water from the air and settle to the bottom of the gas tank. This water will then get sucked into the carburetor float bowl and into the tiny ports of the carburetor body.

Water is a corrosive and will cause corrosion inside the carburetor. Once tiny jets become enlarged, fuel will cause the engine to flood out.

The other issue causing carburetor problems is phase separation. This is when the fuel sits in the tank for long periods of time and begins to separate into the different components that it is comprised of. Much like water separates from oil after it sits for a while.

Once these liquids separate, they begin to dry out and plug up the ports and orifices inside the carburetor and now no fuel will flow through it. The spark plug will be dry and you will not have ignition.

Mark The Mechanic is your local lawn mower carburetor repair shop for Scott Depot, Hurricane and Winfield WV. Call us at 304-395-3330 for all your lawn mower repair needs.


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