At Mark The Mechanic, we repair all sorts of small engines. From the smallest lawn mowers to the largest riding mowers and Zero Turns and everything in between. Small engine repair is all we do and we can help with your small engine problems such as tune ups, blade sharpening, oil and filter changes and deck and drive belt changes.

If you have a generator that does not run, we can repair it and get it running for you. When the power is out and you need it quickly, it is a bad time to find out that yours in not working. Most generators sit for long periods of time and when it is time to use them, in many cases they will not start. With the ethanol in the fuel today, it degrades quickly and destroys carburetors and fuel lines.

Other machines we commonly repair are aerators, lawn edgers, water and trash pumps, pressure washers, log splitters, stump grinders and more.

When you need expert small engine repair from a Certified specialist, call Mark The Mechanic at 304-395-3330 and let us help. We are your local small engine repair shop for Cross Lanes WV.


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