When your lawn mower blades get dull, they do not cut evenly and will tear the blades of grass. Tearing the blades results in grass that is open for disease and it will brown. Sharp blades cut it evenly and cleanly which creates a nice looking lawn as well.

Lawn mower blades need to be balanced to ensure a vibration free mower and damage to the crankshaft and bearings. We will sharpen and balance them for you and if they are bent, can replace them as well.

The lawn mower blade is subject to striking many objects such as tree roots, rocks, debris and items in the yard such as landscape timbers. Anything that gets in its way is fair game for a blade strike!

When you need professional lawn mower blade sharpening, call on Mark The Mechanic to help for all your Hurricane WV lawn mower blade sharpening needs.


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