Mark The Mechanic is your local riding lawn mower repair specialist. When your mower is not running its best or is broken down, give our shop a call and let us take expert care of it.

Don’t have a way to get it to the shop? No problem. We can pick up the riding lawn mower or tractor and bring it to the shop for repair. We will take the headache out of borrowing a truck, borrowing a trailer or other means to get it here.

Mark The Mechanic has repaired hundreds of riding lawn mowers and tractors and can help with whatever issue you are having. From a simple tune up to heavy maintenance such as a transmission or engine change, we can handle all that and anything in between.

Every year you must have the basics performed on your mower such as the oil changed and the oil and air filter as well. The blades need sharpened at a minimum of once a year and preferably twice. By taking great care of your lawn mower, it will give you many years of trouble-free service.

When you need quality riding lawn mower repair, call Mark The Mechanic for your service in Eleanor WV.


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