First, they become dull over time and especially when you are cutting wet grass.

Secondly, objects such as sticks, stumps and rocks are hit from time to time and this makes the blade dull.

Third, keeping the blade sharp cuts the grass blade squarely. Cutting it in this fashion helps eliminate disease from entering the grass blade and keeps your lawn healthy.

Last of all, a sharp blade makes the engine run with less stress and uses less power. The result will be a longer lasting engine.

As you can see, there are many reasons to keep your lawn mower blade sharp and depending on how much you have to mow each time, you may have to sharpen it more than once a year. Small yards can get away with one sharpening a year, but larger yards should be done at least twice.

When you need your lawn mower blades sharpened professionally in West Virginia, call Mark The Mechanic at 304-395-3330.


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