When you are seeking a qualified small engine repair mechanic in Charleston, WV, call Mark The Mechanic and let him sort out all your small engine repair needs.

Mark The Mechanic is a Briggs and Stratton Engine Master Service Technician, a Kohler Engine Expert Technician and a Honda Engine Certified Service Technician. With years of experience and multitudes of certifications, Mark The Mechanic can assist with all your small engine repair needs.

Small engines are unique and perform very hard for their small sizes. With such rigid requirements, they must be professionally maintained so they will last a long time. We can provide those critical tune-ups, oil and filter changes, air and fuel filter changes and troubleshoot problems with your machine.

We service all brands and makes and models of small engines and outdoor power equipment. No matter where you bought it, we can repair it for you and turn the machine around back to you quickly. With a growing supply of in stock parts, your repairs will take less time and are more cost-effective.

Our shop is located in Teays Valley and we are a little off the beaten path, but well worth the drive.

Mark The Mechanic

305 Church Camp Road

Hurricane, WV 25526


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