Is your garden tiller not starting after it sat all winter long? Does it run for a short time and then die? Are the belts slipping and need to be replaced?

Mark The Mechanic fixes and repairs all makes and models of garden tiller. The common problems are hard starting or will not start at all. Garden tillers are constantly beating and banging into the soil and this is hard on these machines. Parts can come loose due to the vibration of these hard-working machines. Bring in your garden or roto-tiller and let Mark The Mechanic give it a tune-up, repair a carburetor problem or flat tire issue. With the garden tiller sitting idle for a very long time each year, problems can come up that need to be addressed.

Mark The Mechanic can also change the oil, replace air and fuel filters as well as spark plugs. This tune-up process is very critical to your garden tiller working correctly whenever you need it.

When you need garden or roto-tiller repair or service in Buffalo or Eleanor WV, call Mark The Mechanic at 304-395-3330 today!






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