As we round into spring, many are getting out their small engines such as lawn mowers, riding lawn mowers, Zero turn lawn mowers and generators and making sure they work before their use is required.

This is a perfect time and with the nicer weather, it is better to find out sooner than later if your equipment will start and run well. Waiting until you really need it is and finding out it doesn’t work is not what you want to happen.

Common problems in springtime are dead batteries, fuel and carburetor problems, lawn mower blades that need sharpened and oil changes. A tire may have gone flat or needs replaced as well. After sitting for six months, your small engine equipment may not be ready to tackle the chores it needs to do without a little bit of preventive maintenance.

Mark The Mechanic is your local Putnam County WV small engine repair service and is here to assist with all types of requests from the simple to complex. In many cases it is a simple fix and we can get you back on your way.

When you need an expert repair shop to help with your lawn mower, garden tiller, generator, water or trash pump or other small engine needs in Putnam County WV, call us at 304-395-3330.







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