Mark The Mechanic is your local small engine repair facility located in Teays Valley that can repair the different gas-powered engines on your air compressors, welders, hydraulic pumps, cranes and other machines.

When your equipment is down, your work backs up and puts you behind schedule fixing someone else’s equipment. Many of today’s service trucks have small Honda engines on them and they are extremely reliable. But most of these engines are exposed to the rain and snow. This exposure rusts them and breaks down electrical and fuel systems over time.

Dirt can also enter the fuel and oil systems when the machines are refueled and serviced in the field. This will plug the tiny ports up in the carburetor and cause wear in the rotating parts inside the engine.

With the proper preventive maintenance program, these problems can be eliminated or greatly reduced so you will have less down time and a more productive service truck. Your work in remote areas depends on everything in your truck working as it should.

When you need your small engines repaired on your service trucks, call Mark The Mechanic at 304-395-3330 today!




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