A generator is a great tool to have in times of power outages, when you work from a job site or just need portable power at a camp site. Power is everything and when it goes down, it literally leaves you in the dark.

Nobody likes to be in the dark and cold if it is winter and your generator should start and run well at all times. If it does not start or surges while running, it needs repaired before it continues to the point that it will not run at all. Portable generators are great machines that provide a valuable service to their owners. They provide power to job sites, homes and commercial businesses, camp grounds and church picnics.

Bring in your generator and let us take expert care of it. We will inspect, diagnose and repair your generator as quickly as possible to get you back in operation.

With the heavy snowfall and high winds that West Virginia receives from time to time, a generator is a very important tool to have in your arsenal of equipment. The power company does a good job of keeping the lights on, but thing can happen that are out of their control such as a hurricane or winter blizzard. If the power does go out, you can simply get out your generator and have all the power you need to provide for critical items.

When you need portable generator repair and service in Culloden WV, call Mark The Mechanic at 304-395-3330 today!



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