Do you need a quality small engine repair shop in Charleston that will repair your equipment professionally and quickly? At Mark The Mechanic, we understand your repair needs and want to address them so you can get back to doing the projects and jobs you need to do.

Mark The Mechanic is a certified and qualified repair shop that will assist with all your small engine needs such as lawn mowers, generators, garden tillers, lawn equipment, light carts and more.

Small engines require a very detailed approach to troubleshooting and repair. Today’s small engines run higher RPM’s and run hotter. This means that everything must happen at the correct time and there be very little contamination in oils and filters. These machines must run as clean as possible to keep them running. With the tiny orifices and jets in the fuel system, the fuel system must be kept very clean as well.

With clean fuel and oil in your small engines, you can keep them running better and longer.

When problems do arise, you need a shop to diagnose and repair those issues so you can get your machine back quickly. We may ask some specific questions about what is wrong with the machine and your input helps us to accurately solve the problem.

Call Mark The Mechanic at 304-395-3330 for all your Charleston WV small engine repair needs.



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