Your local lawn mower repair shop in Teays Valley WV is Mark The Mechanic. With service of all brands, makes and models of lawn mowers from push to riding to zero turn, we can help.

Today’s lawn mowers are very complex machines that require a scheduled maintenance plan to keep them running their best. Skip the maintenance and you will have a lawn mower that will not start, is under powered or will not drive. Repair and maintenance is so important to the life of your mower and whether it will last just a few seasons or many.

We would be happy to inspect, diagnose and repair your lawn mower. Most problems can be fixed quickly and your mower returned to you swiftly. We repair carburetors, wheels and tires, change deck and drive belts, perform oil changes, sharpen blades, fix oil and gas leaks, repair transmissions and steering problems as well as electrical problems.

By taking great care of your lawn mower, it will provide trouble-free service for a long time to come. Turning the key or pulling the starter rope and the engine actually starting is what you want to happen every time and we can help make that happen.

Call Mark The Mechanic at 304-395-3330 for all your Teays Valley WV lawn mower repair needs today!


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