Lawn Mower Pick up and Delivery

Lawn Mower Pick up and Delivery

Do you need your lawn mower picked up, repaired and delivered back to you? Maybe you have a car and nothing to bring your riding lawn mower to the shop with?

Mark The Mechanic can pick up your push, self-propelled, walk behind, riding or zero turn lawn mower and bring it to the shop for repair. After it is repaired, we will schedule a time to deliver it back to you that is convenient.

Our shop will pick up your lawn mower in Teays Valley and includes the cities of Culloden, Eleanor, Hurricane, Milton, Nitro, Ona, Poca, Red House, Scott Depot, St. Albans, Teays and Winfield WV.

Contact us at 304-395-3330 for cities that are not listed and we will see if we can make arrangements to pick up your lawn mower.

We understand that it is sometimes inconvenient when your mower is broken down and you have no way to get it to the shop. Maybe it is just too heavy to lift into your vehicle or too large to fit into it. Putting a riding lawn mower into the back of a pickup truck can also be dangerous while loading and off loading. A trailer is so much safer to transfer your mower than take the risk of injury.

If you need a service for lawn mower pickup and delivery, call Mark The Mechanic at 304-395-3330 today!





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