Mark The Mechanic is your full-service small engine repair service serving all of Culloden, Milton, Ona, Teays Valley, Hurricane, Scott Depot and Teays, WV. We fix all types of small engines such as lawn mowers, generators, log splitters, garden tillers, concrete saws, earth augers, water and trash pumps, pressure washers, stump grinders and other lawn care equipment.

Small engines are very important to help us with our outdoor related tasks and make our work easier and less time-consuming. When you need them to work in a critical task situation, it is important that they run and run well. For example, if you have a crash saw that is used by a Fire Department, it is critical that the saw run and operate at its peak performance level. It is not a good time to find out that it won’t start when you are at the scene of a crash.

When you need an expert repair service shop to take care of your small engine service needs, give us a call at 304-395-3330 or send an email to We would be happy to help get your machines back in running condition so you can perform all the work you need to. Call Mark The Mechanic for all your Small Engine Repair needs in Teays Valley WV.


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