A portable generator is a great item to have when the power goes out or you need to provide power at a job site. The problem with a generator is that it sits for months or even years at a time between uses. This creates a new problem as fuel in the generator will begin to separate into the different chemicals that it is made from. This phase separation allows the fuel to gel then dry into a powder that plugs ports and orifices inside the carburetor.

Generators can also be a victim of mice or other rodents that chew the wiring. If wires are chewed in two, your generator may not run or produce any power. All that adds up to frustration when you pull and pull the starter rope and nothing happens.

Hard starts or no starts are very common problems that need fixed as soon as possible. Mark The Mechanic specializes in Generac generators as well as all brands such as Powermate, Briggs and Stratton, Kohler, Tecumseh and more. It is very important that you keep your generator maintained and ready to provide the power you need.

When you need generator repair in Milton or Ona WV, call Mark The Mechanic at 304-395-3330 today!



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