Mark The Mechanic is your local small engine repair shop for Nitro WV. We repair all types of small engines from mini tillers to the largest garden tractors. With special certifications in Briggs and Stratton, Honda and Kohler, we cover repair for all the major engine manufacturers.

We also work on Tecumseh, Liquid Combustion Technology, Lifan, Subaru and Robin engines as well. No matter who makes the engine or equipment, we can inspect, diagnose and repair it for you.

Small engines can develop many different types of problems from fuel malfuctions to oil contamination. With the proper preventive maintenance program in place, you can avoid many of these problems that occur each year.

One very important thing to do is keep fresh and clean fuel in the machine. Fuel degrades over time and will separate the chemicals that it is made from. This separation then dries the fuel up and turns it into a gummy consistency. This is what plugs up the ports and orifices inside a carburetor.

The other thing that is important is keep the oil changed in the machine. Oil picks up contaminants and suspends them in the oil. This dirty oil circulates through the bearing surfaces and scratches them. This scoring will degrade the ability of the bearing to do its job of supporting the forces placed upon them.

With proper care of your Nitro WV small engine equipment, it will give you years of trouble-free service. Call Mark the Mechanic at 304-395-3330 if you need help with your small engine repairs today!



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