Do you have a lawn mower, string trimmer, garden tiller, weed eater, chainsaw, generator, leaf blower or other small engine equipment that you want to get rid of? Broken and junk small engine equipment is a pain to deal with but there are good options for you.

Mark The Mechanic can accept these items that you no longer need and want to throw away. If you have an item you would like to drop off, please call 304-395-3330 and arrange for an appointment to do so. We ask that if possible, the fuel is removed from the gas tank.

Instead of having this old equipment taking up space in your garage or shed, get rid of it and make space for other items that need storage area. If it takes up space and is broken down, it is just taking up space! We will take the piece of equipment and take that problem off your hands.

Call us today at 304-395-3330 for more information. Mark The Mechanic is your local lawn mower salvage junk yard and recycle center.


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